DINNER PARTY DOWNLOAD, August 28, 2015 - Yo La Tengo pick Miriam's "So You Lost Your Baby" as part of their dinner party soundtrack.

Colin Joyce, SPIN, August 26, 2015 - A Revisionist History: Yo La Tengo Pick Their All-Time Favorite Covers. "Not For Me" comes in at #1! Says Ira Kaplan, "The song that kind of jumped out for me among so many was 'Not for Me,' which is a song I love from Bobby Darin."

Allyson McCabe, THE RUMPUS, May 18, 2015 - Sound & Vision #15 interview with Miriam Linna

WFMU Heavy Airplay, September 17, 2014 - NOBODY'S BABY hits number one at WFMU!

September 14th brought in the 40th Anniversary of the Ramones' first show on the Bowery — at (where else) the BOWERY ELECTRIC, located just a few steps from where the boys first blew our gourds at CBGB's. Diane Gentile slated Miriam and Sam to the tribute, where they performed "QUESTIONINGLY" from the NOBODY'S BABY album. All proceeds from the show went to LOVE HOPE STRENGTH!"

Miriam and Joey 1977 by Roberta Bayley

Miriam and Joey 1977 by Roberta Bayley

Sheila B, CHA CHA CHARMING, August 11, 2014 - Sheila B, like Diane G at Bowery Electric, Glynis Ward at Crayons To Perfume, Debbie D. at Ichiban and Holly Cara Price at Huffington Post were the first people to go ape over NOBODY'S BABY – THANK YOU LADIES!!!

BROOKLYN VEGAN, August 5, 2014  - "...combines the garage rock you'd expect from Miriam with Phil Spector-esque pop..."

Dan Ferguson, SOUTHERN RHODE ISLAND NEWSPAPERS, August 5, 2014 - "The recently departed Gerry Goffin would be flippin’ in his grave if he could give a whiff to the solo debut from A-Bones drummer Miriam Linna. The Brill Building sound comes alive on this 12-track outing of 1960s-styled, ear-pleasing girl pop & roll. As Ms. Linna herself describes, “This album is a collection of personal favorites from the mid-sixties (primarily) featuring unheralded, broody monsters from bubbling-unders (and overs) - we even recorded an original heart-buster which we hope you dig the most. Somewhere along the line, a gust of wind took off with my last name and I became a one-name person, like Cher. Or Rasputin, for that matter.” What began as Miriam cutting a single track with studio ace Sam Elwitt soon after took on a life of its own resulting in the foot-longer called Nobody’s Baby. So here we have Miriam dipping into the catalogues of a wide ranging collection of cool cats from Gene Clark (“So You Say You Lost Your Baby”) to Neil Young (“There Goes My Babe”) to Tim Buckley (“It Happens Every Time”) to the Ramones (“Questioningly”) to Bobby Darin (“Not For Me”) and delivering pure ear candy in the process. The album features Miriam on all vocals with Elwitt handling just about all the instruments. It has this writer hoping there will be more from where this came from."

Steve Terrell, SANTA FE NEW MEXICAN, July 4, 2014 - "Nobody’s Baby by Miriam. That’s right, just one name, like Cher or Madonna. Or Winger, for that matter. This is Miriam’s first solo album, and it’s a gem. If you’re expecting the same high-intensity, raucous ’n’ roll you find with The A-Bones, you won’t get it on Nobody’s Baby.

Instead, this album reminds me of two previous records, classy efforts both, in the Norton catalog: Dangerous Game, the 2007 'comeback' album by Mary Weiss, lead singer of The Shangri-Las, and All or Nothing by La La Brooks, who used to sing with The Crystals. Like those older albums, Nobody’s Baby is a contemporary take on the classic early- to mid-’60s girl-group sound — an adult update on the teen yearning and, yes, angst of that golden period.

Linna draws from a wide variety of songwriters, including Jeff Barry (who, with partner Ellie Greenwich, wrote 'Leader of the Pack,' 'Chapel of Love,' hits for The Ronettes, and dozens more songs — many, you’ve probably never heard of), Tim Buckley, Bobby Darin, Gene Clark (formerly of The Byrds), Neil Young (an early, obscure tune called 'There Goes My Babe'), and The Ramones (though Miriam’s version of 'Questioningly' sounds more like The Chiffons than anyone who ever played CBGBs).

Besides the influence of Shangri-Las, The Crystals, The Ronettes, and The Angels, I also hear echoes of folk rock – at least Jackie DeShannon-style folk rock – here. That’s especially obvious in the opening song, 'My Love Is Gone.' And there are traces of British Invasion siren Sandie Shaw on the noirish 'So Lonely.'

Currently, my favorite on Nobody’s Baby is “Walking Down the Street.” It’s the closest thing to a real rocker on the album. I thought this might be an obscure Shangri-Las B-side, but it was originally done by a Pretty Things offshoot band called The Electric Banana."

Glynis Ward, WFMU Rock & Soul Ichiban, June 9, 2014 - Miriam is a "Crayons to Perfume Girl!" WFMU'S Ichiban columnist, DJ Glynis Ward digs NOBODY'S BABY! Thank you to top dolls Glynis and Ichiban's excitable and exciting hostess Debbie D!

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